Melissa Grey’s Twitter Rant on Cinderella

Melissa Grey is a writer of young adult fiction. She was received an undergraduate education at Yale University and her first novel, A Girl at Midnight, will be published this spring. Below is a compilation of tweets in which she shares her opinions on Cinderella as a strong role model for young women.

Melissa Grey believes that although many of her fellow feminists see Cinderella as one of the weaker princesses, Cinderella is in fact a superb role model for women who have gone through abuse. Grey argues that Cinderella’s ability to be courageous and kind even after facing the harsh abuse she received from her stepmother and stepsisters defines her as a strong woman. Melissa Grey has been through abuse of her own, and she can relate to Cinderella in this way. Although Cinderella couldn’t control the way her family treated her, she was able to control her reaction to her abuse. She didn’t let it make her bitter, but instead used hope as a positive force in her life. Many critics decry Cinderella because she seemed passive and married the prince after knowing him for only a short time. Grey, however, maintains that abuse makes it difficult for victims to find themselves worthy of love, and the fact that Cinderella was able to find love after her hardship is an accomplishment. Grey also shows Cinderella’s true act of bravery: choosing to break the cycle of abuse by holding herself to a higher standard than that of her abusers. Grey asserts that by taking the high road, Cinderella is a courageous princess who doesn’t just passively let her prince sweep her off her feet. Cinderella’s merit lies in her ability to let hope inspire her and to not let anyone else’s opinion of her keep her from being who she really is.

Grey, Melissa (meligrey). “It’s always really surprising to me how differently I respond to the Cinderella mythos than some other similarly feminist women.”. 22 Mar 2015, 22:29 UTC. Tweet


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